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This melange of frothy and fun-filled items – mostly written during the 20thCentury – will be our celebration of the renewal that Spring brings every year. Sitback and enjoy Tangos, Jazz, music from films and musicals, as well a version ofAmazing Grace that will blow your socks off!

Stay tuned for dates, places and times.


The 40-member Carpe Musicam! Orchestra returns to the concert platform with their first show for 2021. This collection of popular hits from 1791 up to 2010promises to have something to get everyone’s toes tapping, as well as giving a good tweak or two at the heartstrings.

The bulk of the show comprises selections from the music of The Beatles, ABBA, Queen and The Rolling Stones. In a quieter mood are the beautiful Angela Morley arrangement for Violin solo and Orchestra of the Love Theme from “Cinema Paradiso”, The Love Theme from “Out of Africa” combines with the Adagio of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, the ever-popular “I Know Him So Well” and a dual violin arrangement of “Autumn Leaves”.

A Highlight of the show will be the two items in which the orchestra will be joined by a group of young musicians on a variety of instruments ranging from Violin to Baritone Horn. This idea was trialed during last year’s Christmas concerts and the group of youngsters has grown considerably since then. The show’s finale – “Moment for Morricone”- a selection of music written for Westerns will be a tribute to the master composer Ennio Morricone who died in 2020. Remember to book well in advance as tickets tend to sell fast for this local community orchestra’s performances.