Music Lovers

Carpe Musicam! will be putting not one, but two performances on the boards
in the Mossel Bay area during the month of August.
Both of these concerts form part of the first-ever Mossel Bay Arts Festival
which will run from 19th July until 3rd September.
Carpe Musicam! – although not Mossel Bay-based – has been invited to perform at the Festival by no less a personage than the Mayor, Dirk Kotzé himself.

At 15h00 on the 6th of August the acclaimed Carpe Musicam! Quartet,
Featuring Helene van Zyl Smit (violin), Mariaan Basson (Clarinet),
Elsabe Barkhuizen (Piano) and Norman Carless (Flute, Pan Pipes, and a selection of Brass instruments) will be presenting “Let’s Celebrate… Women!”
at the Community Hall situated at 11 de Jager Road in Reebok.

This 90-minute miscellany of music in praise of, about – or by – women
contains favourites such as “Nella Fantasia”, “I Know Him So Well”
and Schubert’s “Ave Maria”. Two rather spectacular items will be
“Amazing Grace” and “Por Una Cabeza” performed as violin showpieces by
Helene van Zyl Smit – not to be missed.

The other performance will take place at the Mossel Bay City Hall
at 15h30 on the 20th of August. The Festival Concert will feature the full orchestra and choir doing their thing as only they can!
On the program is a potpourri of highlights from previous 2023 performances, including selections from “The Lion King” and “Mamma Mia!” The Carpe Musicam! Youth Orchestra will start the show with the ever-popular march “Colonel Bogey” followed by two other items.
Then the main orchestra and Youth Orchestra continue with the flamboyant Spanish march “el Gato Montes” complete with castanet-rattling and foot-stomping Spanish Dancers.
Tickets for both shows are available HERE or CASH-AT-THE-DOOR an hour before the downbeat.