Music Lovers

…and welcome to a newsletter with a difference.

Not so much about the people who make the music,

or the music itself,

but about some things that make music –

some very old things…

and a request for help.

We will be adding a few medieval instruments

to the orchestral line-up for our

“Christmas Around the World” concerts.

These will add some seldom-heard sounds

to what promises to be our most interesting

Christmas performance yet.

(More details about the programme in early December,

but stand by for a fun and awe filled 90 minutes

of Carpe Musicam! musical treats.)

Cellist, Sue Fawcett,

who is also something of an authority on

medieval instruments,

will be giving an olde-worlde flavour

to some items with her

Pictures for reference only – actual instruments differ from illustration.

It is not often that one gets to see a live

Crumhornist or Hammered Dulcimerist

(the instrument is hammered, not the player)

at a Garden Route event.

Getting a clear view of the action can be a problem

for audience members who are not in the front few rows. It has been mentioned on several occasions that the orchestra is not very visible – seated as they are

mainly on the same level as the audience.

To this end we have been decided to provide

a large-screen projection of the on-stage goings-on.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship

and enthusiastic support of Baasraak Productions,

we now have the use of their

digital projector, cameras and operators

for our concerts.

But we still need a screen to complete the ensemble.
Our funds are a tad low right now,
due to extensive repairs to our
Timpani transporting trailer,
and buying a screen at this point
is out of the question.
After the amazingly generous responses
from all over the world to our request
for help purchasing our Timpani,
we are rather shy to ask for help again.
But, here goes!
We would like to ask if someone reading this
(or a friend or acquaintance of someone reading this)
would like to sponsor, loan, donate or whatever
a front- or rear- enabled big screen
of not less than 3.5 m width in a 16:9 ratio
for the two concerts on 16 and 18 December.
This help will make a lot of concert-goers’ experience
even better than it has been up to now,
and we will happily advertise you or your business
in our newsletter should you wish it.
Please contact Elsabe at [email protected]
if you can help with this project.
Less than six weeks to go until
“Christmas Around the World” takes flight.
We hope to see you at the music
and that you will see us on the

Please spread the word

about Carpe Musicam! wherever you go.

The orchestra and choir work very hard

to achieve their high standard of performance


as unique treasures of the Garden Route

deserve to be appreciated and enjoyed

by as wide an audience

as possible.

A ticket to one of our performances costs a little more than a slice of cake and a cup of coffee –

and the tingle of enjoyment will linger much longer…

Tickets are available for cash at the door,

or online at:


Book early to avoid disappointment.

…… join the “Friends of Carpe Musicam!” for only R600 per annum,

and attend ALL of our independent concerts


Stay Calm and Stay Healthy

and we’ll see you at the music.