There’s an orchestra in town!

Georgetown, Sedgetown, Mossel Bay. A traveling crew, unmasked cos they’ve gotta blow their own trumpets!

THIS is happy making, THIS is synthesis. THIS is pure joy! THIS makes me and indeed many, smile from deeep within. How can we not when The Captains of the ‘team’ are MEGA qualified and conduct and play the ebonies and ivories with undiluted passion! Experienced? Qualified? Willing to be vulnerable AND strong : that’s NO maybe. In short with SO much joy.

Mastery takes on a fresh perspective as Norman and Elsabe guide the players to work together in perfect harmony. They choreograph and co-create  magical moments that I wouldn’t miss for the world! Why would anyone want to, when the music is seized, shared, showcased primarily to bring US pleasure and to promote an art less cultivated in crazy times.

I, for one amongst so many, am SO grateful to have experienced Carpe Musicam! in various contexts and will do whatever needs doing to be in their presence. They make my soul sing. In the closing moments of such joy I often find myself distracted with thoughts of wanting the whole town to be present. Hence this ‘note’. It’s a meal for the soul which allows you to thrive for days and weeks in perfect harmony with your body and your mind! Soul food! Love, Honour and respect your intention, your passion, your unselfish purpose and your perseverance members of Carpe Musicam! Baie, BAIE dankie! Carpe Musicam! You rock! How privileged are we to have you by the sea or by the Octopus’ garden in the shade; any floor will do in or outdoors!

To my fellow Garden Routers ,IF you haven’t been in the presence of Carpe Musicam! you haven’t really arrived on the Route.

They ROCK!
Received from Suzi-Nosizwe Poulsom